Graphic Tee Monthly Subscription

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What Is It?

  • Our Graphic Tee Monthly Subscription is a fun, exciting way to express yourself & the relevant, trendy times in today's world. When you become a subscriber, you will receive a NEW graphic tee at the beginning of every month delivered right to your mailbox for only $29.99! Taxes may apply.


  • Graphic tees keep up with the times & manage to stay relevant no matter what time of year it is. What we wear can be the image we choose to project to the world around us. We can use our graphic tees to broadcast our interest to people around us. Sometimes, something as simple as the clothing we wear can provide comfort & compassion to yourself & those around us. Our graphic tees are designed to celebrate holiday's, spread kind messages & relate to relevant, trendy times.

Become A Subscriber!

  • You can choose to subscribe to our "Graphic Tee Monthly Subscription" via our website. After you checkout and manually purchase the subscription, you will then be charged on the 15th of every month for your next order, which will ship out the 1st of every month. We will email you a preview of the NEW upcoming month's graphic tee on the 10th of each month. If you don't love the upcoming graphic tee, no worries! You can pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account on our website.

What To Expect?

We are so excited to introduce our Graphic Tee Monthly Subscription to you. We hope this brings you joy, positive energy and something you can always look forward to! As we are beginning this exciting year together, I want to let you in on what I have planned for the subscription throughout the year. 
    • March: St. Patricks Day Graphic Tee
    • AprilGirl's Day/Brunch/Margarita Graphic Tee
    • May: Summer/I'm Happier In The Sun Graphic Tee
    • June: USA Graphic Tee
    • July: Funny/Positive/Summer Graphic Tee
    • August: Game Day Graphic Tee
    • September: Relevant, Trendy TV/Life Graphic Tee
    • October: Fall/Halloween Graphic Tee
    • November: Thanksgiving Graphic Tee
    • December: Christmas Graphic Tee

    Note: These ideas/plans for our graphic tees are not set in stone. When the time gets closer to the upcoming months, we will finalize the next graphic tees, depending on availability. Because the designs, colors and fonts are changing every month, that is why we give you the option to pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email us